Organize & Centralize Venue Details, Data & Documents Online

Collaboration is the key to any event’s success. This is where we empower planning teams with smart technology to facilitate all the event details they handle seamlessly and comprehensively. With ePlanner, destinations, venues, conference centers and other suppliers can offer a post-sale, consolidated online resource guide that puts unlimited location information such as shipping, security, and parking details and more at a planner’s fingertips.

What makes us different?

Ease of use. Full event details in one spot.

ePlanner has the planner and all the event stakeholders in mind. This replaces that difficult-to-maintain, huge PDF file with a self-updating web-based content management system. Easy navigation and the ability to display unlimited venue photos, maps, details and documents, to use for training staff, plus the ability to add links, makes ePlanner ideal for making sure every participant is well informed for every event.
ePlanner gives you:

  • 24/7 availability of critical information
  • On-the-fly editing as changes and updates necessitate
  • Ability to handle rich media, links and attached documents
  • Personalization with a sales or account manager’s signature and photo
  • Sustainability by reducing paper and mailing
  • Replaces static document sharing
  • Visual online link with search capabilities