Event eInsight®

Target the Right Client at the Right Time with Business Intelligence and Communications

Every organization needs a turnkey marketing automation platform that is intuitive and easy to use to identify and target best customers and track their behavior. Event eInsight does just that and empowers you to market the right message to those target audiences at the right time. It also leverages Cendyn Arcaneo’s database marketing, decision support and advanced multi-channel communications system, a complete customer profile intelligence system that showcases historic customer buying levels, as well as predicting future behavior based on website visits, surveys and other behavioral elements. Reach new prospect, drive the highest conversion rates and nurture clients or participants through an entire event life cycle.

Customer Profile Intelligence at your fingertips

Event eInsight is a complete customer profile intelligence system that showcases historic customer buying levels as well as predicts future behavior based on website visits, surveys and other behavioral elements, enabling you to drive the highest conversion rates for all of your client communications.

Powerful, Personalized Communication

Multi-channel marketing and campaign management will take your client relationships to the next level through targeted and personalized communications. By showing your customers that you know their unique preferences, and communicating those desires through their preferred channel; you can both build and accelerate that relationship, leading to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty. The result: higher conversion and increased revenues. Tight integration with Google Analytics for sophisticated analysis like funnel analysis, goal analysis and visual click thru reporting is also provided.

Utilizing Event eInsight’s powerful database, custom clusters and trigger campaigns that help identify trends and automate the implementation of your marketing strategy are executed flawlessly.

Smart Reporting

Event eInsight’s customizable reporting will provide you all of the accurate client profile information and past activity in real time so you can be proactive to customer needs and able to enhance their event experiences.

Standard & Customized Target Groups:

  • Newbies: First-time customers
  • Sleepers: Customers who haven’t returned in over 12 months
  • Most Valued Clients: You can define these parameters based on several factors including money spent within last 12 months

Additional targets can be customized based on any business rules needed for segmenting your client population into targeted groups. These groups of targets update dynamically each time data is acquired by Event eInsight. Triggers email campaigns can also be configured and automatically generated daily, weekly, or monthly.

Product features:

  • Hosted data warehousing
  • Real-time dashboard for easy access and control
  • Advanced guest data analytics and modeling
  • Managed database analysis
  • Configuration of RFM models and custom clusters for unlimited segmentation, identification and targeting
  • Custom report creation
  • Address standardization and CASS certification
  • Geo-origin analysis
  • Marketing promotion tracking and reporting
  • Critical Booking Cycle analysis by market segment
  • LOS analysis between market segments for optimal market segment communication
  • Business Intelligence using latest trends in OLAP capabilities
  • Profile updates, preference tracking and incident tracking
  • Integrated, advanced multi-channel communications system