Deliver Magazine-style Digital Booklets to Enhance Event Sales

Deliver a creative story for your clients’ events with eBrochure, the dynamic digital brochure platform. eBrochure, paints a compelling picture of a venue or event’s true business potential, whether it’s a user conference, an unforgettable brunch at a restaurant or a large trade show. When you need a slick way of showcasing the high-tech features of an event space or creating a mini portfolio of potential sponsorships, the possibilities with eBrochure are endless.

Easy to design and update. Easy to send. Fully trackable.

This flexible yet dynamic eBrochure makes it easy for your team to produce first-class event marketing materials that can be updated as quickly as your event or venue changes. Embed direct links into proposals and communications. Capture registrations and clicks.

Eco-Friendly and Green.

Unlike traditional print media, eBrochure is an eco-friendly solution that can be edited at any time without additional printing costs. As more and more companies are becoming more eco-conscious with meetings and events, you’ll set a great example to event participants and partners that you are a Green-minded company.

Product features:

  • Select the layout design most appropriate for your event, client or establishment
  • Customize the template for your corporate or event brand
  • Add branding and design elements for each page
  • Create specific pages for particular clients or market segments
  • Use storyboard format for easy editing
  • Ability to add rich media, audio or video
  • Generates URLs for fast and easy sharing
  • Presents realistic, magazine-style page flipping
  • Print friendly & social media ready
  • HTML 5 compatible across desktops, most tablets + mobile devices
  • Master brochure feature keeps content updated and reusable